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Dell Poweredge M1000E backplane board WR352

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: DELL PE POWERRDGE M1000E BACKPLANE BOARDManufacturer Part ..

Rs.18,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.18,500.00

HP DL580 G7 memory board 588141-B21

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType:DL580 G7 MEMORY BOARD Manufacturer Part No: 588141-B21..

Rs.5,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.5,500.00

HP AB419-60001 RX2660 system board Rev: B01 with 1 x AD252-2100D

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: RX2660 ServerAdd-on : 1.4GHZ/12MB DC INTEL ITANIUM CPUManu..

Rs.25,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs.25,000.00

HP Compaq Dx2280 Motherboard 439862-001

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: Hp COMPAQ  Dx2280 MOTHERBOARDManufacturer Part No:439..

Rs.9,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs.9,000.00

HP Compaq 8100 Elite Motherboard 531991-001

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP COMPAQ 8100 ElITE MOTHER BOARDManufacturer Part No: 531..

Rs.4,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.4,500.00

HP Compaq Dx2280 Motherboard 439862-001

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP COMPAQ Dx2280  MOTHER BOARDManufacturer Part No: 4..

Rs.4,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.4,500.00

HP Compaq Socket 775 Motherboard

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP COMPAQ SOCKET 775 MOTHERBOARDManufacturer Part No:44203..

Rs.4,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.4,500.00

HP DC7900 USDT Motherboard 462433-001

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP Dc7900 USDT MOTHERBOARDManufacturer Part No: 462433-001..

Rs.5,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs.5,000.00

HP DL320 G6 Motherboard 538265-001

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP DL320 G6 MOTHERBOARDManufacturer Part No: 538265-001&nb..

Rs.35,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs.35,000.00

HP Dx7400 Berlake Motherboard

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP Dx7400  BEARLAKE MOTHERBOARDManufacturer Part No: ..

Rs.8,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.8,500.00

HP System Board for Proliant DL320 G6 538935-001 536391-001

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP Proliant DL320 G6Manufacturer Part No: 538935-001/53639..

Rs.22,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.22,500.00

HP Visualize B2000 Workstation System Board Motherboard A5983-66510

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP Visualize B2000 WorkstationAdd-on : VRMManufacturer Par..

Rs.19,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.19,500.00

HP Z800 Motherboard 591132-001

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: HP Z800 MOTHERBOARDManufacturer Part No: 591132-001Warrant..

Rs.35,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs.35,000.00

IBM X SERIES X3650 server Motherboard 44W3324

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: IBM xSERIES x3650 SERVERManufacturer : IBMManufacturer Par..

Rs.29,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.29,500.00

IBM X3400/3500 system board with tray 43W5176

SpecificationsCategory : MotherboardType: IBM X3400 / X3500Add-on : With TrayManufacturer Part No: 4..

Rs.24,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs.24,000.00