The Cisco 1700 Series routers support the Cisco Easy VPN Remote feature that allows the routers to act as remote VPN clients. As such, these devices can receive predefined security policies from the headquarters' VPN head-end, thus minimizing configuration of VPN parameters at the remote locations. This solution makes deploying VPN simpler for remote offices with little IT support or for large deployments where it is impractical to individually configure multiple remote devices. While customers wishing to deploy and manage site-to-site VPN would benefit from Cisco Easy VPN Remote because of its simplification of VPN deployment and management, managed VPN service providers and enterprises who must deploy and manage numerous remote sites and branch offices with Cisco IOS routers for VPN will realize the greatest benefit.The Cisco 1700 Series routers also support the Cisco Easy VPN Server feature that allows a Cisco 1700 router to act as a VPN head-end device. In site-to-site VPN environments, the Cisco 1700 router can terminate VPN tunnels initiated by the remote office routers using the Cisco Easy VPN Remote. Security policies can be pushed down to the remote office routers from the Cisco 1700 router. In addition to terminating site-to-site VPNs, a Cisco 1700 router running the Unified VPN Access Server can terminate remote access VPNs initiated by mobile and remote workers running Cisco VPN client software on PCs. This flexibility makes it possible for mobile and remote workers, such as sales people on the road, to access company intranet where critical data and applications exist.


Flexibility and Investment Protection Modular Architecture

Wide array of WAN options provide flexibility and investment protection by accommodating future technologies while providing a solution to meet today's needsWAN Interface Cards Shared with Cisco 1600, 2600, and 3700 Routers

Reduces cost of maintaining inventoryOffers lower training costs for support personnelProtects investments through reuse on various platformsFull Cisco IOS Support, including Multiprotocol Routing, QoS

Provides industry's most robust, scalable, and feature-rich internetworking software support using the accepted standard networking software for Internet and private WANs

Constitutes part of the Cisco end-to-end network solutionQuality of Service (QoS)

Offers support for advanced QoS features such as the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), and IP Precedence to reduce recurring WAN costs

QoS features (such as committed access rate [CAR], policy routing, low-latency queuing [LLQ], generic traffic shaping [GTS], Frame Relay traffic shaping [FRTS], and RSVP) allocate WAN bandwidth to priority applications for improved performance

Expansion Slot on Motherboard

Allows expandability to support services such as hardware-assisted encryptionComplete Security and VPN Capability

Stateful Inspection Firewall (the Cisco IOS Firewall includes context-based access control for dynamic firewall filtering, denial-of-service detection and prevention, Java blocking, and real-time alerts)

Allows internal users to access the Internet with secure, per-application-based, dynamic access control while preventing unauthorized Internet users from accessing the internal LAN

High-Performance VPN Encryption (IPSec DES and 3DES VPN module for high-speed, hardware-based encryption)

Provides high-speed hardware-assisted encryption up to T1/E1 performanceEnables creation of wire-speed VPNs by providing industry-standard data privacy, integrity, and authenticity as data traverses public networksDevice Authentication and Key Management (Internet Key Exchange [IKE], X.509v3 digital certification, support for Certificate Enrollment Protocol (CEP) with certificate authorities (CAs) such as Verisign and Entrust)

Ensures proper identity and authenticity of devices and dataEnables scalability to very large IPSec networks through automated key managementVPN Tunneling with IPSec, Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE), L2TP, L2F

Allows any standards-based IPSec or L2TP client to interoperate with Cisco IOS tunneling technologiesCisco Easy VPN Remote

Allows the router to act as remote VPN client and have VPN polices pushed down from the VPN concentratorCisco Easy VPN Server

Allows the router to terminate remote access VPNs initiated by mobile and remote workers running Cisco VPN client software on PCs; and allows the router to terminate site-site VPNs initiated by Cisco IOS routers using the Cisco Easy VPN Remote featureCisco SDM

Simplifies router and security configuration through smart wizards to enable customers to quickly and easily deploy, configure and monitor a Cisco access router without requiring knowledge of Cisco IOS Command Line Interface (CLI)Business-Class DSL

Supports ADSL and G.shdsl with advanced QoS features (Multilink PPP [MLP] with link fragmentation and interleaving [LFI], LLQ, Weighted Random Early Detection [WRED], CAR, differentiated services)

Takes advantage of broadband access technologies such as ADSL or G.shdsl to increase WAN connectivity speeds and reduce WAN access costsDelivers business-class broadband accessOffers efficient use of bandwidthSimplified Management and Ease of Deployment

Device Integration (integrated router, firewall, encryption, VPN, tunnel server, data/channel service unit [DSU/CSU], and Network Termination 1 [NT1] in a single device)

Reduces costs and simplifies management compared to solutions based upon multiple, separate devicesManageable via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) (CiscoView, CiscoWorks 2000, Telnet, and console port)

Allows central monitoring, configuration, and diagnostics for all functions integrated in the Cisco router, reducing management time and costsSupports Cisco ConfigMaker, SETUP Configuration Utility

Simplifies and reduces deployment time and costs with graphical LAN/VPN policy configurator; command-line, context-sensitive configuration questionsVLAN Support

Enables inter-VLAN routing via the standards-based IEEE 802.1QAvailable in all Cisco IOS feature sets, including base Cisco IOS feature setSupport for Cisco AutoInstall

Configures remote routers automatically across a WAN connection to save cost of sendingLED Status Indicators

Provide at-a-glance indications for power, VPN module, network activity, and interface statusReliability

Dial-on-Demand Routing

Allows automatic backup of WAN connection in case of a primary link failureDual Bank Flash Memory

Backup copy of the Cisco IOS Software can be stored in Flash memoryHot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

Provides high network availability

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